susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land, when I do I think of my beautiful parents, my grandparents, and even Mike and I begin to feel a tear fight its way out of one eye and I remember who I am, or a least a smigin of the girl I was.

I've had bad news tonight that I never want to speak of, on the eve of SAA, that's society of american archivists. Maybe someone will head hunt me. I'm such a beautiful fool. Like Daisy said in Gatsby. It makes me think of Anthony. Another person from my past dead. How could he do that to himself, I actually do understand' but still how.

On the upswing, I get to have a vaca for a week! Maybe someone will head hunt me. I went to ann Taylor who was having a clearance sale, I got some things 75 % off. They are mostly shits to be worn under a buisness jacket. It's the style I want to portray. It's not just the style. It's who I want to be.

The one I want to wear I can't decide wether to wear a necklace with or not. My friend tracey who I would normally take this to has been out of the picture lately. I. Not sure why.

I think my angel has stopped speaking to me. I ignored her once in a very important thing and I haven't heard her voice since. I heard her once tell me to get up and i overted a kitchen fire. Do you think she will ever come back. I have eaten some shit today and yesterday, and drank a bit. I hope I haven't gained any wait to day and tomorrow.
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