susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

So today I made a visit to UAH Library and got the status on that archive job. He said it might post in less than a month. I am praying for a miracle and a chance. He seems to like me and I think would make sure I got an interview. Of course how many times have I thought that. He told me what they were specifically looking for strength wise. I dont know. I hope that it might pan out. The pay would be better and the vacation benefits. I told him I would like to just not be mentally abused everyday.

I feel better after hearing that, at least to get me to do a few things I needed to do. A shot of hope. I used to think hope was a bad thing, like it just led to disappointment but I think I was wrong about that. Anyway, bitch-boss is back from lunch. Man I hate her. I gave her look that could kill in that meeting. I know she registered it too. There is no hope for reconciliation between us at all.
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