susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

I used the rest of my day off to get back to my accordion. I found myself back to Largo. I have also been worried abotu my vocal chords lately so I played with recording my voice while I still have one. All things are fleeting to me these days. Arg, these recordings are really cheesy. I hate my facial expressions, and I decided to use my bellows without the keys so I could actually hear myself so its a bit like singing with a bag pipe. Someone going to be like throw a rock at that howling mutt, but I deicded to just put it up anyway.

Carl Marx said we have a need to create. As soon as we create something we have created the ability for ourselves to be harmed by someone destroying our creation, so I am just going to put my sad vocal chords out there anyway...I'm kind of inspired by Gerald putting his art out there.

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