Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

One perfect blossom, one perfect morning

This morning Ry woke me up with this song playing on Dad's big speakers. The opening guitar is so beautiful. I woke up smiling and jumped out of bed to go to the source of the music, rather like honing in on the christmas tree on christmas morning. I rounded the corner and at the far end of the kitchen he stood at the stove freshly showered in a pair of white shorts and no shirt fixing to fry eggs. The doors and windows open were open letting in a fresh morning breeze. It felt rather like a dream. I was thinking, is this my life!!!! Sometimes I have to stop and do a reality check.

I feel so ready to face the week, and kick the shit out of it! I even put on my polka dot skirt that is far to tight! Im wiggling around here like Marilyn Monroe! Only poor Marilyn, never found that one person to take her in hand and gave her a safe place to land, a safe harbor. I have definitely found mine and it is completely wholeheartedly returned.

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