Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Elisabeth and Destiny, and quilt arrangement

Today was pretty cra cra. It was Elisabeth's last day. I wore my gold stiletto party shoes with jeans since it was jeans casual day. I confronted my director about her going to that other archive covertly. I basically told her about three rumors I had heard and said that If the archives was going to be moved I would like the opportunity to participate and that I had visited a good amount of archives. I told her that I have endured to much tragedy and shady back stayers that I couldn't take another bad suprise so I would appriciAte it if she woud just tell me if something bad was heading down the pipe line at me so I could prepare. She said everything was fine and had an excuse for everything.

I'm glad that Elisabeth is is moving on to better things.

When I got home from a realy hard long day, Ry Ry had found a way to display both sides of my favorite quilt. I really think it shows a complex mind to place this quilt in such a way.

We went to the go away party for destiny who is going with a group from the church to Guatemala. I'm sure she has barly been out of Lacey.

I almost had a nervous breakdown at the thought of not having her around.

M and Elisabeth always loved to take pics of our shoes. It was just for fun.

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