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Cant belive its tuesday already. I had a lovely weekend. Sunday was especially nice becuase we took the electric bike to the green walk in Huntsville and rode it around. We also got out my old tandem bike and rode it around the neighborhood.

Friday we watched Djago Unchained...partied, danced, drank and ran around. Sometimes I feel like my parents are out of town and I have a boy over. Its really such a strange feeling best described, if memory serves, when Sookie moved into Grans bedroom after Gran was killed by vampires in the first book of the series, "Dead Until Dark."

It was so fun to just run like wild banshees through the house. Django was AWEOME!!!! Ry uses terms like "off the hook!" I think every actor in it played the shit out of their rolls. My favorite song from the movie is called "Freedom." When we tell people about this song he describes it as " the hook awesome." THere is this one part where the main characters burst out of the woods on a pitch black night, run through the fields to get away. It is such a powerful scene. After we rewound it and watched it a couple times we paused the movie to go look it up on youtube and dance to it. Our dancing was so sexy. I cant even belive this is my life. This scene really is off the hook! the way he saves her and the whole movie is about him trying to save her.

Sat we dropped in on Tracey and saw her new furniture. It was fun to be sociable and she got to entertain and get to know Ry Ry a little better. Sunday was just relaxing fun. We got out the electric TownCraft skillet and cooked a vegetable based meal together. I cant belive this is my life!!!
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