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This morning Ry witnessed a temper tantrum thrown by yours truly. I had put on a dress that I wanted to wear and it looked like shit. I took it off and put something else on. I had stormed around the house and he thought I looked great in my weather girl dress but I thought I looked lumpy. It was awful. I was so upset.

I had already decided on another outfit that looked begrudgingly really cute paired with yellow stilettos. He stood in the door way just as I was ready to rip my skirt off and stomp on it. He couldn't belive it. I remember so clearly the look in his eye that said "don't you do do it, don't you do it" and I felt so defiant and upset, I did it and slung the skirt, which happens to be my favorite polka dotted skirt from WHBM, straight up in the air till it collided with the low hanging chandelier, threw it on the floor and stomped on it. It really does make me feel better.

He couldn't belive it, turned and left. I felt so defiant in that moment. Plus I felt like I needed him to feel my pain so as to not encourage bad eating. I told him it wasn't even all that bad of an episode. He said I better not do that again or he was get take off his belt. I wanted to say is that a threat or a promise ;)

Tonight he told me again that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His oldest told me I was beautiful yesterday to and Ry was so proud of him that he worked up the courage to say it and mean it.

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