Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Ry Ry rhyme

I love it that Ryan writes me poetry. He has written over 100 poems for me. I love them. He told me I could share them if I wanted to. There are so many but here are two that were easy to get to. His heart is so open, so lovely.

alone in a crowd

Surrounded by the laughter of others
Related to sisters and brothers
No matter how many, no matter how loud
I've always felt, alone in a crowd
Bustling people sharing their joys
With friends and siblings playing with toys
Amongst the living but shielded by a shroud
I've never felt welcome, alone in a crowd
Till one day, unexpected I met you
A kindred soul from out of the blue
Someone who's presence I connectively condone
I'll never again feel the feeling of alone,
I could be left in the darkness of scary
With you in my heart I'm never solitary
You make me stand up, chin up, alive and proud
With you in existence I'm never alone, not even in a crowd


Wal mart

Most go there to fill a cart
I must admit I skip that part
I don't go further than the lot
I go instead to fill my heart
With the love, from my love at wal-mart
We find a space that we can chat
About that and this or this and that
And laugh and kiss, she holds my hand
Only those in love can understand
That whether it's walmart or the ritz
It's not where you are
It's who you're with

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