Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Grumpy Cat photobombs

Several weeks ago I wanted to post some pics of Ry Ry and give him a lj introduction of sorts. I several pics but I could never get the LJ cut to work but to-hoots with that. HEre are two pics that I was going to post (since I figured out how to post where my cyber stalkers couldnt see them. Please dont betray me and repost or show anybody. Since this is friends only, I trust that wont happen. I post them becuase I am willing to accept the consequenses should, God forbid they fall into the wrong hands.)

He looks at me like he could just gobble me up!
photo 1

Just look how happy I look in this pic!
photo 2

Today I started playing around with Grumpy Cat's photobomb app. I had such fun with it.


and I couldnt help but photobomb Tanyas wedding with those crazy looking whorish Russian bridesmaids.

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