Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

the house is on fire

This has been a crazy day. It started crazy. I woke up at 5 this morning becuase in my sleep I noticed that Ry Ry had the biggest hard-on ever and I just had to jump on that. He had literally been fucked awake for, like one min, when his cell phone rang. Its a truth known universally around the world that there is nothing good at the end of a 5 AM phone call. Caller ID on his phone said it was my renters.

He answered it but reception was not good. Then the house phone rang. As I was running for it I yelled I hope the house hasn't burned down. It hadn't burned down but it was on fire. She said that it was in the kitchen and the fire dept was on the way.

We got out there and the fire was out. The damage was just one wall and fire smell. I called the insurance and somehow it got left out of the coverage policy when it changed estates, so it didn't have insurance, I sold more stocks to cover it, cried a little bit, got over it, and got a line of credit at walker brothers. The day ended well all in all. I found an unlicensed red knee to work on the electrical.

My battery is about to die.

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