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We drove around Norfolk and Virginia beach area. It's basically a real shit hole. My world view which used to be really sociological perspective oriented that never gave a judgment about where people live or anything like that is letting that private voice out to say I'm glad people done know how great huntsville or laceys spring is becuase they would all want to come there. That is a closed global sociological perspective, but honest to god, it's how I feel. Even the ocean area was disappointing. Gulf shores is much more beautiful and relaxing. We couldn't find anywhere to eat and wound up getting hot dogs from 7 eleven. We went inland and I spotted an Olive Garden. Since we both have head colds we wanted soup and I love their soup. We got two coffees amd two boles of soup and it was 18 dollars and worth every penny. We drove around mostly and he took me to all the places he used to live. Poor kid, under the bed in that house, in the closet in that house, in that ghetto, I got beat up by a gang in that house. Mike had it better in Detroit.speaking of mike, I was thinking about him so I gave him a call and he was well. Had a good week, he drove by the house. I'm sure he missed our old life, I miss the best things but I don't miss the bad things. I'm just glad he is well amd had a good thanksgiving. He asked about my sprained foot and asked me if I was ok. That's more than Michael said. Ryan's family all love me. I spent a long time talking to his sister dawn.she is very similar to me. I can see why he would say I remind him of her.

I looked at Williamsburg and its like $45 per person. I don't want to spend that kind of money. I would really like ot see Jamestown also becuase I had an ancestor come there very early on as an indentured servant, but I'm happy just being in the hotels room. That's a vaca to me. I slept till 10 today.

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