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We had a huge slumber party last night complete with several hours of hide and seek in this big ole house, pizza, snacks, and music, which grand finalied with a big a big pile of leaves to jump into. Ryan is super dad. It's crazy. The man was born to be a dad.

The boys nominated him in a hero competition. He lost to a gay who once asked him to see his dick. It's hard to win next to a gay, like going up against two gay men on the home and garden channel. They are just to fabulous, but Ryan's poster I think gave a strong performance. I think it looks like something written out of teenbeat magazine. Here is the nomination. It's the sweetest thing ever. We both cried when we read it.

I couldn't sleep. I think Ry took something for his back and crashed out. I should be awake. The new cat must have heard music that lulled him to come say hi. I think he is gay becuase his favorite piece of furniture in the house is the antique Duncan Phyfe sofa, probably one of the most true pieces of quality that I have in the house passed down from my grandmother. It's covered though, and he mostly likes to be under it, though he does sit to one side. He came to show me some love earlier.

I have decided to show him love and let him in. After what happened to poppy I didn't think I deserved a pet. If I am honest, poppy was a most faithful companion that I let die among strangers completely abandoned. I hate myself for what happened to her. I guess my only grey area for my soul to retreat into is that I was on complete survival mode at the time and couldn't face it. It would have broken me. I still want to learn God and Dog on the accordion. Favorite line from the song...they would wait for me all day, I the one who walks away, and dance at my return with glee. And in my human frailty, I can't match their love for me." .

It's actually nice to have some time to think and mull over the cares of the heart. I'm normally in some orgasmic stupor in the evening. Nothing got done house wise this weekend, Ry's nephew will be here tomorrow. The house is a wreck. I just want my healthy reutine and peer bitch clothes back.

I'm still considering applying for the job at Randolph. I'm so over myself. Maybe T's the real midlife crisis. I achieved everything I set out to. Now I woul dust like to take some trips and enrich the lives of Dakota, Lucas, and killien, Ry's 3 boys, I feel nothing sabotu my niece and nephew. It's to dangerous maybe things will change. After they forgot abut me at thanksgiving, my sister en law called me about Christmas. It still bothers me that they don't want me for Christmas morning, I think it was that made me feel nothing for my brother, tht and poppy of course. We I called at thanksgiving they didn't recognize me. It hurt and neither of us contacted the other, I wasn't about to invite myself to Christmas dinner. I was surmised tht she called today.

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