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Today was perfect. Except little Lucas started running a fever. He thinks its becuase he is hitting puberty and its gonna be a rough one! Isn't that a hoot!

We took the kids to get a Christmas tree and the Christmas tree farm. I wanted a 12 foot tree even though the ceiling was 9feet high. The one we got is 12 feet high, a light color blue almost like a blue spruce but is not solft and fethery like they are, more like short sharp needles....porky pine ish. Ryan cut down and we went with it even though it was sucker tall, with extra long branches and space like a giant Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It's in short AWESOME!!!! I wanted it to be special since its our first blended Christmas. We were really blended becuase we were messaging Ryan's gay 16 year old son in virgina whom we love, a big huggable black girl named Nae who accompanied Ryan's gay nephew from Louisiana who is 21 and so sweet he is in the special spectrum. It was such a lovely time. Nae really cried tears when they left.

Ryan asked me out on a date. A friend gave us a gift cirtifict to pf changs. Then we went and got a refrigerator for the rental huse. The old one was entering slum lord territory. Sears was having a sale.

We came home and talked with Dakota, the 16 year old in Virginia. Put lights on the big tree. The top is smushed sideways at least two feet. We decided we were going to out a sprig of mistle toe on the end and lure people over to look at the tree and then get caught under the mistletoe. It hangs over almost like a half tester.

We then watched a Christmas memory and hooped, hallored, and cried at our favorite parts amd lines. It's fruit cake weather, I could die with today in my eyes, and the part where they were picking the president eating their fruit cake becuase they sent some to him at the White House. That's how I feel about m y mixed tapes, now CDs, now play lists. Isn't funny how. It's so awesome.

Some fool colorized it. I love how they try and wake people up by banging the stove. I used to do that. That whole movie is awesome!
I have the non colorized version that Ranee give me.

Now snuggles and bed.

Ryan wore the tunic I got for him at unclimbed baggage. I'll post a pic of the tree tomorrow. I almost forgot that we had a lovely sit down breakfast bruch with the boys and our guests. The table was lovely. I went to a little general store and did some Christmas shopping while waiting on fresh cooked gravey biscuits. It was fun. I hadn't had much time to shop a lone. I spent a lot of moneyed ay but feel good about it. We also bumped into Gerald and Trina smith at sears. It was so fun. Tonight during the movie I asked Ryan to turn off the phone for the duration of the short 45 min movie and he did. I had his full attention ad it was perfect there being no distractions. By the end of the movie we both teared up. It was so nice.

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