Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

The long weekend was not great but it did some fun like skinny dipping with a group of safe, fun people Sunday night. I drank to cover up emotion on Sunday though, a dangerous this to do, and woke up with a nasty hangover. I also managed to get a nice walk in Sat morning that got me through the day. Nature does have amazing restorative qualities sometimes. I saw a turle crossing the street, chased some flying insects around, and took time to admire how beautiful mimosa trees actually are with their fan shaped blooms. My father always tried to chop them down, considering them a weed that will turn into a tree in the Alabama summer. I am going to try and find my joy for life again and with it my voice. They all seem weighted down.

Some of Ryans female friends are becoming a problem for me. The old courageous Susanna would face it head on and speak her mind. At least I still had the thought to speak my mind. Eventually I will say something becuase though Im tired and nearly used up, I am still here. I wrote an outline of just the long weekend abnd how these women interfeered with my life. The prayer of St. Frances says something is better to understand than to be understood. Most of the time I have no need to be understood, understanding is easy to me and I rarely have the need to be understood, but I do in this case becuase if I dont the same annoinances will continue till I explode.
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