Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

I could say that I addressed the things giving me relationship anxiety but I was overwhelmed so I prayed that God would take care of it. It was an honest prayer, but strange the way things worked out. After a super great evening Ryan wanted to go to wal mart and he said I've wanted to go alone so he could get me a suprise and I wanted to go and pitched a fit. I was just sure he was going to have fun without me. He left wal mart and then went back for something and while he was there the second time he bumped into this Lacey girl named Candy. She got on to him about a couple things and he came home and we opened the lines of communication and we talked and then made love.

What I didn't say yesterday was that Sunday night we went skinny dipping in the pool of my neighbor who has the house up for sale. I went down the water slide and hit my head pretty hard, right in the back. The next day I had such bad dizziness I couldn't get up till 5 the next day. I attributed it to too much alcohol but the dizziness lessened but never went away. I still had it this morning so I decided to go to the doc and check it out. I was overly anxious yesterday felt creepy all day. So I am at the docs now. Just wanted to make sure I didn't knock anything loose when I hit my head ;)
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