Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,


SOmething good happened at work yesterday. The ececutive director brought a high maintencance someone over about a project. The manager was not there so I offered to help and it turns out they were there about a project I have been working on for about two weeks. Its a really neat project to create a local art exhibit in a retirment village so they do not have to look at crap art. The directore and the VIP both said very complimentary things about me, something I hve not heard from our director since the new mamngemnt. As a virgo fire dragon, I like to please and for my work to get noticed. That seldom happens here. I feel like the cinderella shoved under the carpet here so often, that whe something like that happnes I like to note it.

I like to give descriptive names to people and yesterday the girl chasing after Ryan that I cant get rid of I call Gerber baby slut, becuase she looks like someone who modled for Gerber and grew up slutty made a re appearance yesterday and i am pleased to report I felt fine. She told Ryan she had injered herself and needed help with the baby at the docs. It wouldnt suprise me if she was the type to hit her ancle with a hammer and then call crying for help. She sen me some brownies like I would eat anything she sent. No calories for me Gerber baby slut! Oooo I feel like I am getting my voice back. I have been muffled for to long trying to keep my inner diologue inn and that makes for a boring girl. Im going for a walk and conemplate my new voice of freedom.
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