Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

OMG, tonight I threw this impromtu party with William,
Blake, Nae, Ryan, Ryans sister Natalie, and her bff Becca and it was so wild. Maybe not by somes def of wild but we read poetry, danced, sang kareoke and had a genaerally good time tonihgt. It was old fashioned fun. Laughs, music. I think I actually dominated her friend who is used to leading in the dance, and I quote liked it. I think givien the right circumstanc eI would enjoy being a dom as much as I enjoy being innocent. My pervy old friend says I have both instincts in me.

Ryans sister looks just like the mother of dragons,Calisi, from that HBO show. This girl is so hot she should never allowed to be able to wear clothes! Its stupid how hot they both are. I put on my coctail dress for Atlanta for thenm to see and Natalie, Ryans hot sisiter commented on how my naked body was whem I was geeting dressed and honeslty I couldnt understand it at all. Maybe I am just a cryptonite for all things altman. This girl is secret organization hollywood hot. Maybe hope isnt lost for me yet. I did dance with her tonight and ofrce her and her friend (who is a dom) to follow my lead on Cry to me and Sam cooks Bring it on home to me songs. I feel that will be etched in them forever becuase of the music. I also danced with NAtalie to Im on Fire, one of me and Ryans favoriete songs.

I think its just perfectly naughty!

Do you remebr my dead friend Anthony. HE always used to call me Daisy.I took that as such a complememt. Its the little things in like that one remembers sometimes. I have had a letter from my pen pal to read it. Shge is amazing.
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