Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

I have had a good day today in Atlanta. I took the archivst exam and it was a total mind fuck. I took the whole entire three hours and really could have used more.

My roomy and I decided to spend one more night at the motel 6 which I was rather glad of. The desk area is so fantastic. I'm still writing my presentation now that the slides are done. I may have to take some out if I need to but I think it's ok. I managed to get myself invited to a nice dinner tonight. We are being bussed to a resteraunt. It makes me nervous to not have access to my car if I want to leave but it's a free meal and I brough a paper copy of a rough draft if worse comes to worse.

My hair reminds me of when marlin monroe sang happy birthday mister president. It's really big in a flourishing swoosh on one side.
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