Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Atlanta was great. I fell into a corporate higher echelon group than I would normally run with. As a result I got to go several international very swanky meals and meet some awesome people. I got to meet the first archvist to used mechanized digitation epuipment at the National Archvies. I got to meet the archvist for the Associated PRess. She was nice but intimidating in an ivy league way. I think she took a shine to me.

My presentation went well. I got tweeted some, that was nice. I included it in the conference report. My bitch boss was not even the slightest interested but I forced her to listen to me read them out loud. To me questions from the crowd really show what was important to the audience.

Yesterday I accidently took a trazedone instead of morning welbutrin and then decided to go ahead and take the welbutin and the cocktail turned out nice. I had to present the conference report and I wasnt able to make it to half the things I said I did becuase I was working on my presentation. The whole thing almost completely wrote itself like an egg that fell down out of heaven, and I realized how much I learned from just hearing people talk.

I came away fromt he trip revaluing myself and the skills that have been honed thrugh the years. The Library has tried its best to beat me down and damn near succedded but I am feeling much better.

Also, some of the toxic people in our life are now actually gone and I had nothing to do with it. I had decided to let it go, honest and truly. In Atlants, I had some life experiences in being fabulous that reminded me of who I am and what I dont want to be. Jelous and ownery, so I deicded to let it go. And then as it turned out all those extra toxic troublemaking sluts in Ryan's life just fell away. The main one that was becomming problmes actually said by to me, and me to them, no hard feelings. It felt very zen to let go like that. I dont think Ryan has learned the skill of compartmentalizing. I am a genuis master at it in retrospect. One must keep things separate work friends, friends, mentors, connections, and so on. I very seldom cross any of them with my home life.
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