Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

The weekend was tough but I have today off for working yesterday. I have a few things I need to do today. Blake to the truck to work and broke down on the way home. This does not suprise me. I wish hr had taken my car, so now the truck is in new hope somewhere.

The mother of the person I am tutoring wants me to do it twice a week. This is wonderful news! It means that I will will be bringing in maybe enough to get the kickboxing membership I wanted so bad. I still shouldnt alot money to it but the tutoring money is not factoring into my current budget, at least not yet. I am going to apply for an archivist job for the county that will be a small pay cut like one or two dollars but if I got it at least I would be out from under the fuckers at the library.

I spent some time looking through videos that Ryan watched on youtube. It was all music and auto mechanics. I also read through more messages on fb and found many positive things about the boys and our family. Hw said to someone that we were broke all the time but he felt like the richest man in the world becuase of his family, talking about me and the boys.

I found a nice statement about his children that touched my heart and ends on a positive.

“I have 3 boys. Dakota just started vcu. He graduated 5th in his class. My middle is Lucas. He is 11 starting 6 th grade and 4 AP Classes. He is also former president of 4H and in talented and gifted. His youngest brother is Killian. He's also a member of TAG talented and gifted. I've been fortunate to have had brilliant young men. Respectful and beautiful boys. Accepting, loving, compassionate men. I guess we can change the cycle.”

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