Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Lamenting birth

I was tempted to lament my birth but then I ran across this poem that Ry Ry wrote to me and it made everything better. I've enjoyed a nice quiet day at home. Natalie came over and we did mud masks and we had a nice time just talking and laughing about nothing.

I can't believe my eyes
These tears are from happy cries
The woman I finally met Dangerous
curves in her silhouette
A love that defies
I feel the love when we reach out and touch
Heart caves in because I love her so much
She has me drenched beneath a spell
It will last forever as far as I can tell
No dirt could ever hurt or defile
No other person could instigate this smile
I hold her as if she'll vanish
letting go In case I lose the chance to see her face
I always let her know
She's precious and forever dear to my heart
I never want her to think less
no matter how minute we part
Be it a week long business trip
Or a quick run to the store
Each time I see her again warrants more
Reminders of my heart
How it's forever hers to hold
Wraps her in warmth if she's ever in the cold
My darling sweet love, precious angel upon earth
I pray and thank God everyday for your birth.
Tags: ryan poetry
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