Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

I stood up for myself at work today. It felt good. She snakily asked me if I had any thoughts about our last meeting and I told her that I hadn't been really able to get past how flippant and awful she was and I was just glad that I had not projectile vomited on her the whole terrible thing was taking place. Then I told her she could run and tell he and connie what I said but the next time I have a meeting where they want to dicipline me I was seeking representation becuSe I was done being abused. She stated her reasons and I told her in the future it was in bad taste to be so harsh with someone only there weeks life has blown up in their faces.
I didn't get the job in the records center. It went to Richard my former boss though it has not been made public yet. I still have the two retirement community jobs out and the possibility of red stone or uah. I asked an old black minister to pray for me. Maybe that will help. After I stood up for myself and we talked, she presented a plan to me about how we are going to proceed and I think it is a good plan. Which I told her. I would like to take it and implement it somewhere else! If I am forced to stay there I think I live with my new action plan.

Tutoring is going amazingly well! I think I am really making a difference in the persons life and we have been having really deep prolonged conversations. Tonight I worked with him for three hours and made about what I would make in a while day's work.
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