Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Boy, they are really gunning hard for me. I dont know how I am goign to get all that done by tues the 18th. I was a ble to to batch location change so it lookslike I did a lot on the digital arcvhie. They have not caught on to batch uploads or changes yet.

I have an important program for Leadership Huntsville on Thurday which needs to be excellent. Like me and Ranee working on it together. I pulled up some of her old work and mixed it with mine so I can still think of it as my team. I get so overwhelmed when I think about it all. I decided to take 30 min thismorningand face reading this document. I get one every week about how I failled and what needs to be done. These meetings are so unfair and awful. The things they say and ask. Especially questioning whether I am up to future tasks aboutthe bicentennial when I am actually on a state bicentennial committee. They are so horrible. I am trying to follow it to the letter and cross things off but to get everything in the archvies labled and straight is a year process. I just do band aids. I will set aside maybe I will work on my presentation from 10-12, take lunch and work back there from 1-2 and then switch back to my presentation 2-3 and work back there 4-5. That will give my eyes some rest in between. Monday we have staff development day so that is a whole day of work I will miss before my big dead line on Tuesday. I will still have Wed night to work on my presentation since they haven't caught on about the batch uploads yet. The tragedy of my managers dorothies life in my estimaton and prediction is that she will never experience self reflection and an understanding of her arrogrance and how it harms others. I hope UAH will come through soon. Please God. Please Please Please. If not that, provide something else becuase I am utterly beyond human aid.


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