Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

The main pics of the weekend. We went to see quiji, not particularly a good movie but still fun. We got to spend time together and have an outing as our little family unit. I thank god everyday for Blake and William. We get along so easy. I haven't felt so relaxed and without tension since the first several weeks that me and Ryan were together. We took the boys hiking today and did the longest biggest trail. I saw that the park had put up private shelters along the way. I wish I had remembered about them when Ry and I could have. Enjoyed the m. We loved nooks like that.

I woke up this morning at at 1 am. The heat went off. Something is wrong with the unit and I worried about it and finally got up and watched tv till day break. This show called Jamaica inn, British. It was great. I enjoyed it very much.

This evening I had a fit of meloncholy while watching Empire. This one scene when cookie goes to the opera and shouts praise inthe middle. I loved it so much. It made me exceedingly sad Ry wasn't there. I listened to this song called off he goes by pearl jam. This weekend Blake reminded me of how how much Ryan privately talked about his love for me. The boys are such amazing little troopers. I love them so much. I can't imagine how they feel. William spent the evening singing his moms favorite karaoke songs. It was nice and we celebrated life together.

I so hope I sleep through the night. I want to sleep so bad. Need the sleep.

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