Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

November 1

My big news, I resigned from the library. I gave a two weeks notice last Thursday after a particularly nasty meeting in which they informed me I was being out on a 6 month probation where they could fire me for basically any reason at any time. The next assignment they gave me was to label everything in the archive with post it notes. They failed me on tasks with newmeric value, I can't imagine them not failing me on a task so huge. There is always going to be one box you missed and my supervisor was out for blood. Every little infraction, every stumble was jumped upon and used as ammunition. They were so low that they continued to kick me very hard every other week. I felt myself crumbling and I felt like the individual battles were coming so hard and fast, in my meloncholy and morning Ry Ry I just couldn't fight any more so I ended the war by resigning and leaving the same day to go to the beach to speak at Society of Alabama archivists, which was a success.
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