Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,


I couldn't sleep so I got up and have been watching Justified. Got up to make some soup and Jasper was at the door. He has been wild since the weather changed to spring. I think he saw Ryan take his final walk. Watched him go into the shed out back. For days after Jasper sat on the chimney rocks Ryan himself placed in careful order around the campfire in front of the big shed and seemed to wait for him to come back out, like he saw him go in but never saw him leave.

This morning Jasper was at the door wanting to come in. You couldn't force him inside. I wondered how to handle him, what would happen when winter came. I wondered how I would handle Jasper but I guess Jasper will do the work himself and I just have be there to put the food down and open the door when he comes to it which is exactly what I did. He walked around the house and left.

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