Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

Ok let me just start with this barricaded door at the Ramada Inn--Kentucky

I've been to depressed to reach out, write, or do anything other than play with my record collection, tutor my student, and hang out with William.

I got my packet in to UAH for their assistant archivist position. I hope I get it.

I had a particularly tough meeting with my consultant and after felt the need to get my packet in to uah today and leave town, het the hell out of doge. I wanted to be with Ryan's family, the brothers that are close. I messaged with two of them long distance and william Blake and I are headed to Kentucky to see his family there. I hung out with Natalie last week when we went to the brand new concert. I don't remember if if I journaled out it but it was great. I got drunk on special cocktail and drunk texted her about how sorry I was I couldn't keep him alive. I was just to young to understand what was happening.

Then Nancy rohr gave me a ticket to hear a noted historian who wrote devil in the white city and the new Lusitania book. I looked like a million bucks. Laurel asked me about Ryan and I thought her questions in bad taste but I was a lady when the chair of the board asked me how I was, I said I was fine and then he asked me how I was really. Despite wanting to tell all, my good breeding managed to fight its way to the top and I acted lady. Glad Becuase I turned around and Laurel was there. I certainly don't want to be able to pretend in the future.

So we are on the way to Kentucky and stopped at the bowling green ramada and a couple had domestic. She beat the fuck out of his face and was screaming, we looked out and he came and asked us not to call the police. We told him to leave. William had gone to the car and we didn't want him walking back into all that screaming and fighting so I got my knife that I got in Budapest and made a run for it. I told him to get his prissy ass over here when he strolled toward the door. I wanted to see those hands fly up and him doing his gazelle run. I don't know what pics I posted.

I just had to get the hell out of town while I can. I cancelled tutoring and we just left. Call it a mental health emergency for william and myself. He mother was murdered three years ago Monday. We didn't want to just sit around so we du idea a road trip to see family.

The craziness in the hallway was so soap opera dramatic red neck style so we baracadded the door ei did not seem secure and heavy like a Hilton door. It was so over the top it uncorked my inability to journal. We did call the front desk, others had also. It was such an adventure! This is goin g to be an exciting trip.

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