Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

today I completed work for a property history and got to have a tour of the vanvalkenburg mansion. My favorite house in the historic district. It was so beautiful.

Somehow miraculously I am surviving and doing well I might say. Often when I'm driving down the road my mind always goes back to Ryan. It's so painful. I think why baby! Then I fight it off in self survival or that healthy streak that keeps us alive as Jody calls it. I miss his warm embrace. I miss everything even the run around.

Lucas is very excited. It brings back a lot of memories since i went to high school here and was in the band 6th -12th grade. wow how time flies!!!   luke is the little boy in stripes. he is so smart and cute.  my heart burns so hard with missing RyRy. its so hard sometimes.

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