Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

I'm in New Orleans for Williams doctor appointment and my account went negative. I deposited money and they put it into the wrong account and this is the bad part. A 400 dollar water bill hit me today. I must have some sort of leak somewhere!!!!!!!!! That's more than I had in the whole account!!! I'm so fucked! At least we have a free place to stay and fifty dollars cash.

With my rent money coming in and next weeks tutoring all of my bills would have been paid with padding. My water bill is only 30$ usually and is the only bill left on auto pay. I'm stopping that shit! I can't belive this. William is calling Blake now. This is some shit. A $400 dollar water bill! I could cry but I just don't have any tears left.

William just told me Blake transferred some money into his account and we will figure things out on Monday when the water authority is open Monday. The basic bills will still be covered it's just upsetting about the water bill and leak.
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