Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

All in all today was a win, I got my student totally ready for cleassed books, accomodations, and all at calhoun, I even saw my old friend who is a giudence counselor that was inspired by him. Ive been sad tonight folks.

Over Ryan, over Dr. Trehub. Mr, Auburns father,

Ive been trying to stay busy with getting my student squared away at calhoun. I anticipate having enough money to pau the first round of bills but Im not really sure. I wish I could go to the ocean for a couple days and regroup.

What id I faiul my student,. I wasnt even even a good student but afteert eaching and and being on both ends,. My studnet is really smart. I just need to help him stay organized, I am not even good at organizing but I have a plan,

Last night I woke up instantly thinking I heard a voice clear at me like clear their thraot. I got up andtuened off all the lights though I was glad they were on,

Im so sorry babby I was just to young and inexperienced to handle things.

He had such a big beautoful heart. I still have pics from actuall camerals that I have to download, I need to do that for natalie.

god he was beautiful and were so happy till adfictions took over. i hate addiction.

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