Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

The day started oddly with a a strage lucid dream of reaching for my hair spray and butaine torch just so I could see a flame but I didnt have the motor function in my hands to make it happen. I dont know how real it was but I know I was reaching for it. I think I just had my phone. No hair spray is near my bed first and foremost.

I was so depressed I didnt want to get out of bed. It is the 13th. Afterall truman capotes eceentic aunt didnt get out of bed on any 13th. Its rather like william. I called him from bed to see if he was on the deck which he was. I got up and went out there. We had black coffee.

I got to thinking about an old jaz song Sit down and write myself a letter. It made us feel jazzy like Williams grandmother he remarked. We decided to have an open speak easy on FB just to get us up and moving and we cleaned and cleaned.

I worked out at boxing hittting the bag extra hard. I can feel my muscle now and like it.

Mike K brought over a whole ham the other day and ribs today. I think someone tld him they saw me at manna house. AA homeless people get around and they all know me. I wanted to not spend money on fresh things till pay day. Pay day came and I paid my bills that I could...went and got catfood, liiter, pizza and booze. sounds good to me. Fuck everything else. Oh and there is still enough to fill up the elantra.

My student passed his first quizz. I was happy. I been crying over Ryan so much I invited him to our cocltail party also and set a beer out for him. I think he would like that. Williams mom too.

Jazz Perfection fats waller aint misbehaivin
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