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The other night after I posted the "feeling lonelier than normaol" post, my gray kitty cat came and jumped up in the bed with me. I couldnt sleep becuase I was inthe early stages of a full on sinus and bronchitis infection attack! It was terrible. I had a budget of ten dollars to work with at the time and decided to go to wal mart at midnight for sick supplies. I was sad becuase I felt alone and sick, but William was up and he wanted to go too. Im so glad becuase I wouldnt have been able to figure out what I needed I was so sick and upset generally. I couldnt hardly even breath.

I went to the doctor Friday morning and got a shot and a zpack. I had to cancel on my student all week I was sick. In the doctors office I checked my mail and got another huge bill fromt he water company. 800$! can you belive that. I started hyoerventalating and chocking and coughing., I called my breother and was squeeking out words becuase I had lost my voice and people were trying not to look. He came over and we figured out that it was the remanents of the big leek. He called the water company and the reading were normal so they did a leek adjustment and took 300 off so now I have to go and take the deed and death cirtificates down and get it in my my name to take it off auto draft and set up a payment plan. crisis divertedd.

Then I got to spend and a lovely evening with the amazing Gregory Peebles and Kim listening to his his latest work that was performed in a recital at the kennedy center in washington. So amazing. I felt like I was dieing of tubuerculosis but nothing was going to keep me from it.

Then today I managed to get back with my student and fullfil the quiz which he made 100 on and he read the second act of othello while explaining it to him. Maybe I make such a good tudor becuase Im like what the fuck is going on and he has to explain it and then, Im like, can you explaine that agin? It works for us!

I got home and William had smoked up the house as he calls it "trying to be a good finace and cook Blake an egg" but somehow it got out of hand and really smokey. The alarm company came on and he could even see the lady. He said "oh I dont even have my face on!" she gave him 20 min to clear the air out before she sent the fire dept.

It has been nasty flash backs seeing sirens and flashers and police tape latley in the valley. THe man across the street had a heart attack and the worst news Joy down the street died in a fire. Im going to have to do a whole tribute post for her becuase we go way back and I she had told me of her struggles. I know several years ago she got committed for setting the trailor on fire back then so I wonder if it was something of the same. She is the neighbor who was transgender that sometimes called her self sister mary catherine, but mainly she just went by Joy. Me and william have been upset by it and want to put some flowers at the end of her driveway. Detailes of the fire have not been released and I know how horrifing it is when a statement like details released is attached to your residence. ITs the worst thing.

We sat after I got home and talked it all out again. It is indeed a long windy road. Poor Joy, at least she had the courage to live the way she wanted to live.

William and I have been scurrying around the house trying to make the best of things. I slept in till almost 11 today. Unheard of for me. He woke me up with coffee and cinimun rolls. It made me feel very cared for especially when he said that grayden was getting nervous setting outside the door which I had left adjar so he could get in and out. He tried to wake me up at the usual 6 am but I just took more nyquill and rolled over and slept.

Tomorrow is Williams birthday whcih he did not want to celebrate so we just agreed to call it William day. I underdtand to well not wanting to celebrate your birthday so it seemed doubly important. We dicded to cook my Dads favorite birthday meal rather than go out and I got him 20 dollars in change to play the coin pusher game up at food for less, which Ryan often called food for more, but I like to support my local grocery sometimes just running up the countain is so much better than driving into town. I also gave him a twenty to pin on his sholder which seems to be a birthday tradition in new orleans and choclates like his mother used to get. I also pot him a nice locally croched scarf in colors that will look really good on him.

He also made these cute little jumping and firing motions and said what if Steven let shoot his AK for my birthday so I contacted him and he said it would be no problem so I think William will have a special day tomorrow. Im so glad I broke down and went to the doctor when I did.

William dedicated his special best friends song to me on FB which is a big deal to him. He actually knows the women in this video and says they really shake their asses like this all the time. He took one girl to a kenny chesny concert and she was still booty shaking her ass. I love that story.

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