Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

I heard from uah and they went with a yale grad. Cant be to upset about loosing out to that. They said in may they might open a part time person to organiz the bud cramer papers and it would have the title congressional archivist. i had last week talked to my students mother's buisness person about starting my own buisness. Maybe thats the direction god has for me. Im ok. A little fearful but nothing new about that. There is no courage without fear! Just like intamacy is scary if intamacy is defined by being open to someone about who you really are. That makes you vulnerable...a place/state of being I have explored a great deal in the past 20 years.

Ive been doing lots of deep cleaning in the house, tackling the next to the last close, the largest, and found where my mother had kept bloody garments from my grandmother. She told me to never look in that bag so i never did but things must be gone through. I was planning a big viking burial for it today but its raining, so there's that. Now thats true gothism. These people with black lipstick dont have anything on my family.

The other night at midnight we got soooo hungry we ate like 8 eggs each and 20 pieces of bacon and woke up feeling like gods and got so much work done in the sheds getting ready for an influx of family and friends for summer.

So today I got paid and went and bought 4 pounds of bacon and all these meats and 4 dozen eggs, which I dropped all over the floor a carten of 2 dozen, not loosing a single one. We feasted on a crazy New Orelans style cajon sausage with onions, an angus burger patty, all the bacon we could ever want, left over bacon!!! and an egg on top. My boxing is going very well dispite a rather big fall this weekend. I am working out pushing myself harder than I have ever thought about hitting. And that goes for kicking as well. Today my trainer told me I was kicking like a girl and I needed to be kicking like I was knocking a door down. Maybe thats why I have had such a desire for protien.

We were so proud of our new entrepenurial spirit and food that we took a pic and posted it on fb. William threw in a two year old michael korrs bag to make a us look fancy.

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