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I turn to my computer like a friend

Some time ago I became interested in this little vintage safe in an antique store. I was so enamored it trapped me in a corner for over an hour trying to crack it. SOmehow I manged to get the door open and then was able to figure out the main numbers and workings. Today time was avaible to do some cleaning and organizing. Jasper the Cat acted as overseer of events. I am glad he has started hanging out in the room with me. HE sort of rotates in circles. Grayden has run away or got pissed that we cut his balls off and he left. I would rather belive that than that he got eaten by coyotees.

I have been enjoying getting organized and paying my own taxes as a self employed individual. Imagine me even trying to take on such responsibility, but somehow its working. There are times that I miss a consisten paycheck, a nine to 5 job but my attachment issues just kick in and I cannot even commit to having a reutine.

I am still enjoying kickboxing very much. Many days I am boxing Ryan, pummeling the bag with angry punches. I think it has helped but I must admit I fear the comming of August and have likened it to General Sherman marching towards my city.

Ive been missing journaling and wiritng down daily observations of life...from funny to sad and everything in between. Maybe I needed I break, maybe this was part of my former life that I wanted to also walk away from but I miss talking to my computer. Matter of fact, I stumbled across some old photobucket videos and migrated them to youtube. I am calling the series "I turn to my computer like a friend. It is a safe place.

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