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The thing about peace is that you never know when it might hit. Tonight I felt at peace and happy sitting in my bed. I only ever want to listen to Just BReath the song (tonight Willie Nelson's version) when my heart feels peaceful. Even then, I got a call from one one of my client friends who is fighting rising antesimitism in Huntsville. She is in her 70s and told me about a rally at the big spring and said that this is how things begins. It feels bad to feel so peaceful when something like this could be looming int he community. They danced and partied in Berlin before all that broke out. My client is right to be worried I fear. It hurts my heart to think of it. SOme of the best people Iknow are Jewish. I cant imagine someone hating them.

At least for tonight, peace reigns in my little kingdom. I got a package from my admierer today. Someone wants to be my Valentine! And he is absolutely wonderful.

I got a call from my mentor tonight saying he was pleased with me for applying for a job. He helped me rewrite my cover letter and beefed it up till I cried when I read what he said.

Someone ordered me a rim for my car cause they found out I had a bent rim and was putting air in my tire every day.

I had a great guitar lesson today and got to play in a small group.

I got to catch up with an old friend I hadnt spoken to in maybe over a year.

My house is clean

My cat has been more desirous of my attention lately.

I walked for an hour on my treadmill.

Tonight things are peaceful in my kingdom.
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