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So I have gate crashed the Applied Intelligent Information Management conference. I spent most of my time in the vendor area learning about the latest technolgies and trends. I think these things you learn the most from the products and the people that run them. I interviewed with MIT Lincoln lab today. I guess it went well. I did my best. It was an hour and was very conversational. They seemed to want somebody that is capable and would be nice to work with on a daily basis. They said they were finishing interviews and would get back to me next week.

Now all the vendors are stopping to ask me how the interview went. I dont have a badge and when they asked me where it was i told them "it clashed" like i was the gayest gay man and stunned them into not questioning me further. It was pretty funny. I fessed up to one and he told i was a bright spot in the whole thing.

I also got to meet the president of the con on the elevator.
I said hey you are the woman! And she said it wasnt as glamorous as it appeared.

Right now im just hungry and biding my time. My admirer is so thoughtful and kibd. He gave me the new chanel fragrence Gabrelle. I like it a lot. Its a nice light fragrance for spring. I enjoy his self awareness and how intentional he is. I like it that he is a hard nosed shrewd buisness man and he let me sit in on a real buisness meeting as an archivist end user. It was very cool. It is nice being in the company of someone who is stable and congruent in whi he is in work and provate life. I appriciate that the most after years of being drug through the mud.
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