July 19th, 2009

Me and Baby Blue

Camp Town Races

Today was really nice. Went to the second casting call today and had a great time. My car broke down yesterday so now I am driving the truck with no air conditioning blaaaa but at least the truck is super fun to drive.

Tomorrow I am driving mom to another doc appointment in B-ham (about an 1:50 min drive) in her car which also has no air. Ice queen girl is going to melt tomorrow.

I came home and decided to play my accordion in the empty room we are painting. I just love this color purple. I finially took a decent picture with baby blue that I think I will put up on facebook. THey still dont get to hear me because they would probably privately riduicule and judge me. I really need to practice playing for people or I will never be able to do it so I must always come back to my beloved confidants here with LJ.