July 24th, 2014

flight of the turkey hat

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I don't have very much battery power left on patty and I at Barnes and Nobel. It's been a long time since I went and journaled somewhere.

A book I ordered came in and I also wanted to pick out her going away present. I completely over spent but it was worth it to get what I was drawn to for her. She is leaving the archives to go to library school in Toronto. You know, when you work closely with someone you get to know them and we have shared some shit, let me tell you. I feel like my baby, my protege is going out into the world and spreading her wings. I'm glad to have helped contribute to her career journey in some way. I know when people go away to school or move off to another job, you loose touch becuase we get so busy, but she is a true friend becuase we could pick up right where we left off. Well, I don't want to start crying in Barnes and Nobel.

Also today I learned that 2 of my library directors went over to specifically visit the uah archive. Is that weird. It feels weird to me. It's fine with me becuase I know my archive is lit years ahead of them in every respect. Is actually ridiculous how behind they are and I have even offered to help them ut. It just seems weird that they would even think about archives for one thing, every su member I usually visit another archive to asses and get ideas. I would have loved to of gone, so that's why it seems shady to me. Like they didn't want me to know. Don't they know they couldn't pull a trick like that without susangalique knowing about it!!!

Today Ry to his oldest Lucas to pick up some soccer stuff from a friend who has an 11 year old girl that is real pretty. Ry told him they were going to see a hot chic and Lucas said, what do I say, I don't know how to talk or act, Susanna is the most beautiful woman I have ever talked to....isn't that just the sweetest thing ever. I wasn't there, it was just them two. He is 8 fixing to be 9.

Well, I'm tired and running out of steam and still have to hit the grocery store. Love to you all.