September 7th, 2014

flight of the turkey hat

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I've a few moments this morning to Lj. I've done a few posts that were privates becuase I would get a moment to jot down a few thoughts and then have to go. It's strange to be so busy. I remember when I had nothing but lonely time to journal.

Where does time go. I'm counting down to the 20 year class reunion. I hare not lost any more weight, no suprise there. Although Ry and I did go to the sports store yesterday and got some knew running pants, we got loaded last night and went for a midnight run, which was fun.

One o fthe highlights of the week was going with Lucas (Ry's oldest) to get new glasses. It was so fun to be with the little guy(age 9) and help him choose his glasses. He narrowed it down to 2 pairs and was leaning toward a large black rim. I thought it was to old looking and the other ones which were a brown sort of tiger strip looked like they fit better and went with his coloring. I suggested he look again and try them on one last time this time for comfort and he went with the ones I liked! I like being a step mom! Got to run. For now!