October 22nd, 2016

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I didn't have a very good morning. Traffic was backed up due to construction and me and mike had a discussion about our divorce and recent tragedy.

I think I have survivors guilt a bit maybe. I feel bad that I have found some serenity again. I think nether mike nor myself needed to be around people today becuase of the emotions from the week. A nights sleep would have done wonders but it's ok.

I went out to the farm and got Ryan's guitar which my brother got out of the pawn shop for me. There is so much to be sad over, but I know Ryan wants us to be happy and remember the good times. It's been such a rough week.

Tonight william Blake and me are going to see a new scary movie quiji. It looks sooooo scary. It's probably not a good idea but it's oct! Haloween and Blake is so excited.

It will be all of our first time going to the picture show together. I sure do miss Ry Ry.