December 2nd, 2016


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lets see, this week I worked with my student and his mother who is so sweet. Im doing some house work for them and in return she is paying for kickboxing. We really hit it off and I enjoyed just meandering around her house deciding what to do next. Shr reminds me of mother in some ways. HEr coloring, her sweet motherly spirit like your not not going to yelled at for spilling a drink...

which brings me to the title. Tonight Blake accedently nocked over and broke the last stem of my good Gorhum crystal. 85$ a stem. The only one I got that I registetred for my wedding bought by Kim. I really enjoyed that glass. We just cleaned it up[ and wqent on. I woul dhave never wanted him to feel bad for it. She is a fine lady and Im afraid I spilled my guts to her about my entire life. She still wants me as her sons tutor so that is good.

My student blew me away this week with someof his thoughts on philosophy. I really love being a teacher even if it is just to one student.

Tonight William watched Truman Captoes A Chritsmas Memory with me. It makes me think about Ryan before he went crazy. Im sorry if he reads that from heaven. He always thought that Geraldine Paige's character was like me at the heart. The first year he saw it he pained me a portait of two kites. The quote from the movie was something like "two kites making their way to heaven."