December 31st, 2016

flight of the turkey hat

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New Orleans was fun.

i had just enough alchohol in me to become an ass grabber and must have found the only staunch faithful guy around because he repremanded me and pointed out his wife! who i had seen but thought he was there with his mother and old ugly aunts who were trying to be hip. lol!

this pic i just like. we went out with natalie and becca and had a lovely time last week.


My Rebel

I'm going to take my sweet rebel with me always.
Going in to 2017 Ive got nothing but friends that are my family and a space ship to mercury, and dreams. I'll take it too. A fresh start, new memeories, keeping the old and making new.

The cowboy has always been a dying breed, but he takes his dying slowly, perched upon his steed. The prairie is his prison, his church, his wife, if you take away his sky you take away his life. Yet where does he go when the ranges all have closed, does he retire to his bunkhouses, in depressed repose. No, he climbs back in that saddle, if just to bide his time, for the cowboy knows, a good death is hard to find. – Longmire

All my tears be washed away, song at the end of hell on wheels and the other one I posted earlier. Was the last thing Ryan wanted to watch, well hell on wheels. he made a big deal about both of these songs. Maybe we as people really do communicate through music and future memorey. oh baby Im so sorry I couldnt keep you alive but I will keep your memory always. I love you.