The Alchemy Lounge
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As cool as the The Alchemy Lounge truly looks and sounds, inside the refurbished textile mill, I thought was underwhelming and overly expensive. Maybe I was just in a cristical mood but it was relatively quiet. I might even take a student there to study or something. Mu second student changed his day to tomorrow evening which I really didnt want to do but I need the money for the next rounds of bills.

I went and got some buisness cards today. They are very plain and just say consulting archivist and Private Tutor. It was 10 bucks for 250 at staples. I couldnt go to this conference with no calling card of any sort. Even though its not my line, you never know what opportunity might arise.

My student missed an exam becuase a religious fanatic gave him an exestential crisis. This is what happens when we separate! lol I should have been more on tiop of things but I missed it. I sent the teacher an email. I hate to pull the accomodations card but I might if the points were a make you break you thing. He blames the horrible book and organization of the whole thing.

I spent time with Natalie today and we caught up on all our news which was nice.

William took and got a nail taken out of my new tires. He takes such good care of me doing things like that. HE must have been such a joy to his mother.

The Lancome counter
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am totally out of makeup. I feel like I am at a crucial time in life where I should have been a better sckin care regime person and I was totally out of foundation which I really cant live without. I went to see my Lancome Lady and she and the other woman I worked with were gone and the new people lost my cards. That was a written record of every color that has gone on my face since prom, 1994. I got light headed and almost had to sit down. My Lancome lady had moved over to Chanel after 23 years! I went over to her to discuss my foundation and she hooked me up with a product sampler of skin care and foundation for Chanel. That should hold me over till after the D.C. trip.

The blem battery
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The battery on my car has been bad for a while now and died on me today.  We called around and a new battery for my car  was like 189$.

I paid my first run of taxes today, which im totally excited about but couldnt pay that much for a car batter so when i called orileys i asked the guy if there was someplace where i could buy a used on, like from a junk yard. He told me about this place that sold "blem batteries"  where there was something wrong or mislabled on the battery. It was 65 bucks plus 8 $ for instalation! I dont know hoe good it is but in a pinch i say bring on the blem battery.

I think i caught the of one of the trainers at the gym. My employer mentioned it to me, so at least im not day dreaming that up. Little things like that keep me going and working hard. Very little things in life now make me more happy than a stolen glance. I think ive earned the respect of the trainers at that gym from what i have learned at the other gym. He mentioned it when i was punching it out in the 30 second bell. The trainers at the downtown gym are more size 2 oriented/ attention givers, which is fine with me and helen. I secretly learn enough at the southside to make up for up.


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