July 18th, 2017

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Im still in DC. attending an International SPace Station conference with my employeer. She is in charge of a space telescope. Its waaaay cool. I just keep telling people I am her historian. People have been all about the cross dicipline approach. They probably think that I am in the history office at Marshall.

I seem to bear witness to events as my lot in life! I am living hand to mouth pretty much but happier and freer in my hustle. Talking to the vendors I could probably make a go of being a science historian and connecting them to education.

RObert Bigalow and Elon Musk are speaking tomorrow. I was hoping to get to see them for an autogrpah but dont think it will happen. I have been enjoying myself though. My employeer is the best thing since sliced bread. The Omni is a beautiful place. Built around 1930 it has a very glamourous feel. I talked with a European scientist today was very contenetal and sophisticated. HE was speaking and Helen had asked him a question.

I got my picture made in something that made it look like you were on the space station. That was fun. The Bigalow corp has something I might try to do also though not as good as the NASA one. We also attended a concert at the national cathedral. It was good enough to awken my brain paths that had been dormant for a long time. IT made me interested in structural vibrations.

Some pics i posted on fb thus far

I got to hear astrnaught kate rubins speak. She gave a great talk. I was more moved by her earlier work on infectious deseases in 3rd world countrys but she was inspiring.