July 25th, 2017


Kitchen Pandemonium

I think im going to stop importing the facebook posts to lj. It just looks like xxxx and 0000's...and gobldy gook. 

Ive had summer camp at my house this week. Its wild! Two of ryans brothers are together at home base with all their kids and ryans two sons that here.

We have had a big fun time going to the safari and had home games...beer pong with water, b ball, skate bords, hide and seek sort of stuff.

It has been a lot of fun.

Planned group photo

Unplanned what the pandamonium that is my kitchen


Lucas and Killian

Its been nice seeing the boys. Im always so busy tring to make a dime i havent been able too them like i want to. I wish i could help the oldest in his pampered cheff endeavor but i just dont have the the extra beef.  At least they know im always there as the last line of defense.