August 1st, 2017


The Duncan Phyfe

Ive had an extended family with me over the summer that has found a place in town and moving. Things have gotten broke, furniture beleagured, one of my beautiful dolls face smashed in, but yesterdayi found there their cat peed and shit on the Duncan Phyfe. The couch had been saved by the coverlet but mothers pillow from the silk plantation which i saved from the burn pile litterally got all staied. Anything destroyed of hers requires my soul to let go. Yestday i stripped the couch to was the coverlt and the damn cat went behind me and got the actual sofa. I saw him and i was like a raging bull. Totally lost it. I put his nose in it, yelling no! Spanked him and damn near threw him like a foot ball into quarters. Jasper my own cat went after him too. Its good to know he has my back. The other cat is lucky i didnt feed him to the cyotes. I was able to neutralize the smell with white vineger and baking soda but the color came out somewhat. The couch managed to stay pristine for over 70 years. Im glad jasper is such a loyal, clean, smart cat.

The baking powder vieger

I would up getting so upset i got a headsche and slept all afterneen. This is the concoction used beforing washing it off. It makes me feel like giving up, but im not going to.