August 11th, 2018

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The airport

The last time was at the airport was to begin a mega adventure. I want to lobdon for a week, from england to Cuba for 11 days and back to England. It was an amazing adventure. Ive been writing in a bound joyrnal and i lost it in Vinales while parting with some Belgiums and watching the world cup. They pickd it up for ne and sent it to me. I jokrd that it had a whole other vacation than i did.

I cant remrmber my password for to type on my computer so im pecking this out with my index finger on my phone.

I ve been wanting to update here in favor ovrr my paper. At leadt on here there is a chance of interaction. That somebody might be on the other side.

So im in the same spot waiting on my dc flight. Got through security in 5 min. Huntsville has such a nice and beautiful airport. In washington going through customs took me 3 hours last time.

I hope i make some connections at SAA. It never really leads to a job but to give up SAA would be to give up a piece of me im not ready to give up. The profrssional organization with which i affiliate. I cant give in to the profesdional depression. When i do get a meaneal job as i suspect evenyually i will i want it to be something i can live so worried about the house. Worried it will fall down around me. The roof neefs work and has caused major damage. When i got home from being gone a nonth an intetior ceiling was covered in mold. Im paying my bills fibe, but there is barely enough for food much less roof and mold. And a portion of the lights shorted out. I can only hide in my room for so long. My roomate let Jasper out and i persume him dead. I miss him so much.

On the upside. I appear to find myself in a healthy adult relationship, im off carbs and that seems to be helping everything. Lets call my new love interedt MQ. He is so nice and responsible. I feel safe with him and enjoy his energy, positivity, and self awsrenrss. He wirks as a CEO of an archival software company and he wants to see me bad enough to fly me where ever he will be. Imagine that. Its so nice to fall adleep in someones arms and feel safe. So many nights i feel huddled up in my bed surrounded by silence wondeting if theres something i cant see near, something supernatural, and not the mold. Jasper made me feel like i wasnt the only living thing around and he kept the spooky feeling away.

I brought all my nice clothes hoping to put my best foit forward. Im used to yoga pants and jeggings. Buusness clothes almost seem forgein now. I hope i can worj it like i used to.