Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

And who doesn't need a little Pop Goes the Weasel in their life

It had been so long since I had really played and practised my accordion that I had to start at the beginning and build back up. When I was playing regularly belive it or not I played this song through once and didnt really nail it down. I still need to improve on my pop. I just decided to revisit it this morning and played till I could do it nearly without the music. On a whim I decided to try my imovie feature, so on a whim. I tried to move the light around and the damn thing was so awkward that I used my knee in the wrong way and now it feels bumped. Its weird how you can just put pressure on something the wrong way and all of a sudden it feels weird. What am I 32 going on 102! haha

Anyway, so I probably coundnt have chosen a more harsh sounding on the recording setting on my instrument. You can press buttons and it will sound differently and you cant really tell what I am saying becuase I was not projecting and I always sound like a kid when I am singing with it.

Maybe I will practise and perfect the pop and re record sometime. Now this is just for fun and practise. Despite how silly it sounds it is not one of the easier songs. Maybe thats why I origionally skipped it.

Tags: accordion music post
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