Susangalique (susangalique) wrote,

A Study in Accordion

learning a new swirl-It kind of took me by surprise, but its not really noticeable to anyone but me. How many times can she play the same damn song!

I had been practising for a while and then decided to record so I could hear what I was doing. THats really why I make these silly recordings. I look the same in all them all the time! Its crazy how I can be enjoying myself but I look totally pained and or board but I am happy. I guess its a combined concentrating, determination, melancholia, and tiredness after long practice.

There are some real messups in these but me and Mike got the biggest kick out of how tortured I appear but honestly I am having a good time. I had to go work out at the gym this morning cause I cant keep my hands off it when I am here.

I am trying to memorize

After critically listening and watching some of the different snaps I thought in this one somehow a little movement escaped and I wish I could be this unstiff. I messed the end up but decided it was the only snap of me not looking miserable and board through my little ditties.


and accordions needed to be played so here is baby blue's recording for the day
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