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My Directorial Debut: the Martin Luther King Musical Tribute

Today was The Martin Luther king musical tribute at the library. It was my directorial debut. I was really apprehensive about it becuase there were so many various groups that made up the event but it went off without a catch. In fact it was better than I could have hoped for. All the groups showed up and the stringed quarted did some of my favorite spirituals like Deep River, There is a Balm, Lay my burdens down.

The speaker got to actually meet Dr. King in 66 and spoke about the experience. Honestly the whole atmosphere was filled with such love that it felt like Dr. King himself came down.

Lusia made a really beautiful program and we printed it out of lavender color paper. On the inside of the program she printed a King quote about love and non violence and surrounded it with a border embellishment. I blew it up and framed it it out twice on a tribute color royal purple and put one on the refreshments table and the program table.

The refreshments were also a big hit, especially with the executive director who made a psicific point to tell me she like the cards I made to name the kind of breads.

The end song was Precious Lord. It was Dr. Kings favorite and it is also said that it was the last thing he said. He told them to be sure and play "Precious Lord" and then he was fatally shot. It was played at his funeral. I really like Elvis' version which is the one that made me and Ranee cry at the desk.

Today we had an old reverend sing it and he brought the house down. I have not felt the urge to seek any congregation in years upon years but something in me was stirred imensly by his old soulful voice. SOmetimes I feel so tired and weary with life just liek the song says. He really made it so uplifting though, like he and Dr. King were on the side lines encouraging us.

aw well, I guess I could go on and on. I think Ranee would be very pleased. It was her her vision and we dedicated it to her. I gave a little talk about it and didnt tear up or anything. At the end after the old man sang I said to the audience "I hope your heart has been warmed and that you come back and visit us again real soon." It wasnt planned and sound cheesy now, but I really meant it. Today was Dr. Kings birthday and I felt like we truly celebrated. I think things in America would be very different for the better if he had lived.

Well, I wish I could have edited this more but Ia m just to too sleepy.

happy birthday Dr. King.

Afterwards, Luisa took me out to Surin for martinis and dinner to celebrate my directorial debut. We laughed and carried on and giggled like girls do when swapping secrets. I'm tired from putting out the 100 chairs and putting them up but all the worry and work paid off. You know, to the very end, if I just do what Ranee told me to do I always got a feather in my cap from it. This was a big feather, lets say a big ostrich plume. I told Ranee once that I was going to ride her coat tails all the way to the top and she said "ride on girl, ride on."

I deicded to come home and look up the lyrics to precious Lord. I'm no soulful 80 year old black man but here is Susangalique's tribute to Dr. King.¤t=Movie45.mp4

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